Body Scan is an “eyes closed” exercise that can be done either sitting or standing, but it is much more relaxing to do the body scan exercise sitting still in a relaxed, upright posture. The general idea of body scan is to slowly and carefully move your attention through your body, paying attention to the sensations you experience in each body part as you systematically move your attention through your body. Relax each area as your awareness scans through.

To begin, first sit and settle your attention toward your internal sensations and do a few moments of mindful breathing. Then begin your body scan at your feet and slowly, over the course of a few minutes, move your attention quietly and calmly through your whole body, place by place, to arrive at the top of your head. When completed, take a few moments to do some mindful breathing and then sit quietly opening your eyes and being aware of your present moment, where you are and how you are feeling right now.



45 Minute Body Scan guided by Steven Hickman, Director, UCSD Center for Mindfulness