Mindful Walking is similar to the body scan exercise but it is done first standing quietly with eyes closed, sensing what it feels like to stand in a well balanced and quiet way. After several moments of mindful breathing, open your eyes, and very slowly, walk in a circle of 10 to 30 steps, feeling the pressure of your feet on the floor and how your bones support your weight. You could also walk several paces in one direction and turn around. Completely attend to the sensations of your body in the moment as you are walking.

Feel the force of the ground lifting your feet and attend carefully to the sensations of your body in motion. Notice the sensations of balancing your body in motion. Observe the sense of your muscles flexing and relaxing and the weight of your limbs flowing around the swinging gate of your torso. How much can you relax your shoulders and other muscle groups while walking? After a minute of walking return to a standing position with eyes closed and do a few moments of mindful breathing. Slowly open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings.


15 Minute Mindful Movement Meditation guided by Lois Howland, UCSD Center for Mindfulness