Mindfully Eating A Raisin

Place a raisin (or any natural raw food in your hand in front of you). Taking your time, use all of your five senses exploring and observing the raisin.   Look at the color, shine, texture… Feel the texture.  What does its weight and shape and density feel like in your hands?  Bringing it up to nearby one nostril, what does it smell like?

Bring it close to your mouth and notice what sensations happen for you internally.  Do you have the urge to eat it?

Without eating, take a little taste with your tongue.  Is your mouth salivating? Again, notice what you are feeling inside yourself…  Do you have the urge to eat the raisin?  Carefully notice what does that urge feel like?  Slowly and carefully eat the raisin with as much awareness and focus as possible… mindfully notice what the sensations of texture and taste all feel like in this process of eating mindfully.  What are you feeling?  After you are done chewing, try to be aware of the food it moves from your mouth through your throat and into your stomach.  At what point does the food become you?

This practice of eating slowly, carefully, and with awareness can be done every day and change your relationship with food.  Ask yourself through out the day… How full does my stomach feel.  When you think of food, think about what type of hunger you may be feeling: is it a type of mouth hunger?  Eye hunger?  Comfort food hunger?  A type of distraction hunger or a real sense of body hungry for nutrition type of hunger?

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